Seo Full Syllabus and Start Learning & Earning Now

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In Offline World, We do marketing our product in different form e.g. poster, banner, TV ad and Other so on. If you do it for online website or product or any service it will be SEO. Introducing your product through Search Engine. It may include offline marketing your product or online Blog commenting, forum posting Etc

Qualification Needed to learn SEO
There is no academic Qualification Needed to Learn SEO. Just you have to understand the Customers psychology, Some Basic knowledge of HTML and Some necessary research

Place of Learning
In Online There are so many resources where you can learn SEO. google Webmasters blog, different forum sites are available.

Bangla Search Engine Optimization Tutorial please Click hare

SEO Full Syllabusseo e

SEO Analysis of Website
Website Analysis
SEO Competition Analysis
Keyword Research
Keyword Finalize
Search Engine Optimization Strategy Analysis
Initial Ranking analysis

On page SEO Optimization
Website Structure Optimization
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
HTML code optimization
Meta tag creation & optimization
HTML Sitemap creation
Webmaster tools
Analytics Setup & Monitoring
Robots.txt Optimization
RSS Feed Generation

Off Page SEO Optimization
Google Base Optimization
Reputation building
SEO Content writing
Quality link building
Article submissions
Press Release Creation
Blog commenting
Forum posting

Social Media Optimization & Marketing
Social bookmarking
Social Networking Profiles creations
Social Networking Profile Optimizations
Content Sharing Optimization
Video Optimizations
Social media advertising (PPC)
Blog Optimization

Search Engine Marketing
Slide submission
Pay per click (PPC) campaigns
Search Engine Marketing Research
Video Marketing
Image marketing
Reputation Building
Authority building
Trust building
Relationship building
Profile optimization
Profile building

Conversion Optimization
Conversion analysis
Conversion Tracking
Conversion Creation
Conversion building
CTR Improvements tactics
ROI conversion optimization

How to submit sitemap to google that will be helpful for SEO by Admin

seo nToday in this Tutorial we will learn how to submit wapka sitemap to google. To do so, 1st we have to build our wapka sitemap.Creating Sitemap→go to edit site

image style Palser.Tk→ global settings

image style Palser.Tk→ – HEAD tags (meta,style,…)

image style Palser.Tk→ Edit sitemap file (sitemap.xml)

image style Palser.Tknow u will see a textarea.

image style Palser.TkSeparate Site ID with Comma (0,1,2,3,4,5) To add forum links just insert f & forum ID (Eg:- f12345 ) add those id’s only which id’s need to be indexed on google & visible in user mode. so your full sitemap is.. 0,1,2,3,….your all site id, f111392963 ,f111369018 ,….your all forum id Your Sitemap generated successfully ! Your Sitemap located @ http://www.your site[size=5]Submitting sitemap on Google[/size]now go to in, if u need. go to dashboard. then click your site.

image style Palser.TkClick the Sitemaps bar on the right side of the screen. Click the Add /Test Sitemap button.

image style Palser.TkType


into the blank box, then click the Submit Sitemap button.

image style Palser.Tkimage style Palser.Tkimage style Palser.TkYou will see a success message indicating your sitemap has been submitted.

image style Palser.Tknow you will see sitemap statics. Thus, We have successfully added sitemap on google. this post is created by me. Hope, u have enjoyed my Tutorial